Royal Yarn SILK & Mohair Collection

This is the most luxurious yarn

(the one to use when knitting something for yourself!). It’s a blend of 70% SILK and 30% Mohair. Fabric knit beautifully, making it ideal for feather-soft shawls, scarves, and decadent lightweight sweaters. It’s luxuriously soft and easy to knit with.

Royal Yarn by Milda Bordeaux is an extraordinarily fabulous yarn from Italy. It consists of 70% SILK and 30% Mohair, a match made in heaven if you ask us.

The silky-smooth silk adds a slightly shiny look to the yarn and combined with the long, warm and fluffy mohair-fibres, it makes the yarn extra durable. Silk Mohair is a dream to wear and it’s perfect for warm and soft knitting for all kinds of clothing such as shawls, hats and other accessories or luxury knitwear. This lightweight yarn adds a beautiful drape finish to any project. You can also combine the yarn with other yarns by adding e.g. a thread of Kid Silk into your work thus making your work extra lightweight.

Silk Mohair is a fabulous luxury on your needles, so enjoy!


Weight: 50 grams

Recommended needle size: US 3-6

Care: Hand wash, dry flat